Game Day Information


Teams are required to check in at the tournament headquarters at the field prior to their first game.

Players are not required to check-in. ID cards for players are always required on hand. This is in case of a dispute over a player and their eligibility.

The manager or coach must be available for contact during the duration of the tournament.


All matches will be played in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the game.

U9, U11, U12 will play 8v8               60-minute games

U13, U15, U17 will play 11v11                 70-minute games

U17 super group will play 11v11                         80-minute games

Games will have a 5-minute half time break.


U11 & U12 games will have 2 official.

U13-U17 games will have 3 officials.

If the referees are not on the field 10 minute before the game starts, please contact the tournament director at the headquarters. Games must start on time with no delay.


Unlimited substitution.


Game schedules will be posted 1 week before the tournament start date.

The referees will submit the official game scores with goal scorers and cautions after each game.

BTB Spring Cup


Clareview Turf
3804 139 avenue
Fuhr Sports Park 1A
9 Tri Leisure Way
Fuhr Sports Park 1B
9 Tri Leisure Way
Fuhr Sports Park 2A
9 Tri Leisure Way
Fuhr Sports Park 2B
9 Tri Leisure Way