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Rules & Regulations

  1. Team rosters are limited to a maximum of twenty (20) players in U13/14, U15/16, U17 and U19 age groups.
  2. All teams shall be allowed to have up to a combined total of 5 Guest Players for U13-U19. All Guest Players must meet the following criteria:
    • a) must be approved for participation by their respective club and team
    • b) must be a registered player with the appropriate governing body or provincial association
    • c) may not be selected from any other team that is participating in the tournament
  3. Players may not play for more than one team in the tournament. Players must have jersey numbers and may not change numbers once registration is complete.
  4. The first team listed is considered the home team. Any color conflicts will be resolved by the visiting/away team. Both teams will be on the same side of the field, spectators will be on the opposite side.
  5. All teams are required to present player picture identification cards that are issued by their governing body at registration if and when it is requested.
  6. All matches for U13, U14 super group will be two 30-minute halves. U15, U17 & U19 super group will be two 32-minute halves
  7. During the round robin stage of the tournament, teams are bracketed in groups of two (number of teams permitted) and matches will not have extra time periods. Matches will be counted as: Win -3 points; Tie - 1 point; Shutout Win - 1 point, Loss - 0 point. In the elimination stage, if the score is tied at the end of regulation time, for U13/14, U15/16, U17, U19 kicks from the penalty mark will decide the match.
  8. Age groups consisting of:
    • ten (10) teams will have two (2) brackets with each team playing 3 round robin games. The top teams in each bracket will play in the final for Gold and Silver medal.
    • nine (9) teams will have three (3) brackets. The winner of each group will advance to the semi-final with the best 2nd place team joining. The remaining teams will play a 3rd and final consolation game.
    • eight (8) teams will have 2 pools with the winners of each pool in the gold medal game. The remaining teams will be done as they played their guaranteed three (3) games.
    • six (6) teams with have two (2) brackets consisting of three (3) teams each. The winners of each group will meet in the final. The 2nd and 3rd place teams in the group will play a consolation game.
    • five (5) teams will have each team play each other once with the final standing being used for gold and silver medals.
    • four (4) teams will play round robin. The final standing will determine the Gold and SIlver medalists.
  9. In the event a tie breaker is necessary to determine which teams will advance beyond the round robin, the following order of tie breakers will apply for all age groups:
    1. head-to-Head competition
    2. goal difference in overall competition
    3. highest gross goals scored in overall competition
    4. goal against in overall competition
  10. Substitution will be allowed during natural stoppage of the match at the referee's discretion.
  11. The official match report for each completed match must be verified (i.e., score, cautions, send offs) immediately after the game by the team coach or manager. Match reports that are not verified stand as submitted and may not be contested or appealed.
  12. Players or Coaches sent off during a match are not allowed to play/coach in the next match. A player receiving three cautions during the round robin of the tournament is not allowed to play in the next match, including the first game of the elimination stage. A player receiving two cautions during the elimination stage of the competition is not allowed to play in the next match. Cautions received during the preliminary rounds of the tournament do not carry over to the elimination rounds. In case of continued bad conduct of players, teams, officials, or supporters, the team may be withdrawn from the competition and reported to their association. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team and supporters.
  13. Any player or coach sent off during the tournament or any player receiving multiple cautions during the tournament may be required to attend a Disciplinary Committee hearing. This year's tournament will not have a disciplinary committee as all referee decisions are final.
  14. Judgment calls by referees may not be appealed.
  15. Disciplinary Committee decisions may not be appealed. The tournament will not have a disciplinary committee this year.
  16. All protests must be submitted in within three hours of the end of the match with a $100 cash non-refundable fee. Only protests that concern the Laws of the Game and ineligible players will be considered. All decisions will be in the best interest of soccer and may not be appealed. This year's tournament will not entertain any protests.
  17. All games will follow the recent updated FIFA Laws of the game.
  18. Please note that per FIFA Laws of the Game number 4, the wearing of shin guards by players is mandatory. No player will be allowed to play without shin guards.
  19. In the event of inclement weather, round robin games that have completed the first half will be considered complete games and will not be rescheduled. For Semi-final and Final games, play will be resumed from the point of suspension if weather and field conditions permit (this may be the following day). The final decision will be made by the Competition Committee, in conjunction with the tournament director.
  20. If inclement weather cancels the tournament prior to the completion of a team’s first scheduled game of the tournament, a maximum of fifty percent (50%) of the team’s entry fee may be retained by the tournament to cover start-up cost of the tournament.
  21. The decision of the Tournament Director, in conjunction with the tournament committee, on any matter is final and may not be appealed.
  22. The objective of the tournament is to bring high level teams to compete and celebrate the diversity that we all bring to the beautiful game.
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